Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Yourself A Coach

If you could improve the efficiency of your life by changing one thing, would you? I think we all would. What is this change you may ask. The answer, guidance. Think about it, every new adventure from a new baby to a new car we like to know what we are doing. We buy books to learn how to take care of our newborn or we talk to mechanics or professionals about the best car to buy. Everything we do in life could use some guidance so why not get it. Having someone help us through things is the best way to get the best results.

I was talking with a client today about this exact topic. There are coaches for almost everything in life. Medically we seek out a doctors advice, in business we get a business coach to help better our sells, and if we want to get in better shape there are fitness coaches or trainers. These people are the experts and have studied and learned their craft. This is where efficiency comes in. Instead of wasting your time trying to guess the best way to get in shape, or whatever your goals might be, hire a coach. With a coach you will not only get guidance and direction but you will always have someone to hold you accountable and keep you focused on your goal. We get distracted too many times with other aspects of our lives that having someone to keep us on track is a necessity.

So get yourself a trainer or a business coach or whatever it may be that can help increase your efficiency of life. I promise that you will see the improvements you are looking for much quicker than if you walk around blindly by yourself.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Use It, Don't Lose It

Too many times I hear the phrase, "That's what happens when you get old." I still don't understand this one. Just because our number gets larger doesn't mean we can't move around or participate in the things we love. Now yes, I will agree that a 70 year old may not be able to be on the same level as an 18 year old but it doesn't mean that a 70 year old can't be active. As we age we lose our ability to function as well but we can delay this by keeping active and "staying young." Both physically and mentally, we can keep our health at a higher status by using what we have and continuing to stay active.

If you are starting to age and feel that that larger number attached to you is holding you back, get out there and get moving. Start walking, take some yoga classes, get into the gym and start a strength training program. If you are not sure what you need to be doing then find a professional (BodyQuest hint hint) and let that professional assess you and create a program to your needs. Just by improving your range of motion, strength, and stability, not only will you feel better but you will also prevent the aches and pains that tend to plague us as we age. Along with the health benefits you might just make some new friends as well.

Physical limitations are not the only thing that tend to haunt aging individuals but also mental problems. I have heard my grandparents too many times blame age for a loss of memory or lack of knowledge. Once again we can't fully prevent some losses in memory and things of that nature but we can once again slow down this process. It has been researched and proven that continuing usage of the brain and challenging ourselves mentally can keep brain functioning at a higher level than if we tend to stop using it. Things such as reading, crossword puzzles, different IQ games, and even surfing around on the Internet will stimulate the brain and keep the neurons firing at a quicker rate.

So don't fall victim to thinking that there is nothing we can do about aging. Get proactive and get a trainer, start improving your body physically, and keep using that brain. Fight old age and you can stay young as long as you want.


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